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  • First light for my C8 SCT!

    First light for my C8 SCT!

    It’s been overcast for weeks, but I had a few hours of clear skies to finally try out my new scope and camera. A NexStar 8 (8″ SCT from 1999) and a ZWO ASI178MC. The long focal length and tiny sensor are best for planetary, but the seeing was rough. I tested it out on […]

  • Jupiter with my cell phone

    Jupiter with my cell phone

    This is the best cell phone picture I’ve taken of Jupiter yet. I love that you can see the different colors of the moons. I could clearly make out cloud bands on Jupiter, but they ended up overexposed no matter how I tweaked the camera settings.

  • Full moon

    Full moon

    Afocal cell phone image with my 70mm f/10 refractor